Inflation fan
  Icom A200 VHF aviation tranciever friquency 118-136.975 MHz. power 7W and can be pluged to 13.8 V. price 478eur  Mob 8-677-79918 e-mail:
  Stainless steel roller. High 3.8cm

Mob 8-677-79918 e-mail:

  Stainless steel quick realis 3.9t Price 35eur .

mob: 8-677-79918 e-mail:

  Rope Y and V forms,  12mm brake load 6t. Price 7.5eur


 Rope 14mm  5,20m and 7.20m long. Brake load 3t price 8.7eur and 11.6eur.

Rope 18mm brake load 5t 5,20m and 7.20m long. Price 10eur and 13eur.

shreoder system rope  14mm 4.0m  long. brake load  3t price 15eur  mob: 8-677-79918 or e-mail:


  carabiner 5t with automatic lock15eur 3t price 8.7eur  mob 8-677-79918 e-mail:
  Air filter for honda GX engines price8.7eur                    mob  8-677-79918 e-mail:
gas filter for honga GX engines price 7.3eur                       Mob. 8-677-79918 e-mail:
Polish stainless steel with 12mm rope price 10eur           mob 8-677-79918 e-mail: